After opening the first French bakery-pastry shop in the south of Mexico in 2002, Michel decided to move to the Netherlands. A new journey started in April 2008 when Michel opened his first bakery-pastry shop in The Hague. It offered breads and pastries hand-made from organic flour crushed with a millstone and prepared with home-made sourdough. After a few months, great meetings and a lot of work, a second shop was opened in 2009 in the centre of The Hague in Oude Molstraat. All this thanks to a team of young French professionals with unique know-how.

Aware of the importance of making quality and above all nutritional breads, the use of organic flours became a priority. These flours, crushed with a millstone, give our breads, pastries and cakes a nutritional quality and a unique taste.

In 2011, a new shop opened in Delft. It was followed until 2017 by three new shops with the further ambition to also offer an excellent coffee to go with our products. These small cafés-restaurants offer the possibility of a French-style lunch, with home-made sandwiches, quiches and croque-monsieur. After twelve years and the opening of seven boutiques, we are still as happy as ever to pass on our passion and happiness to our customers.